Unlike many of my colleagues, I really enjoy working in photoshop. There is something about the challenge of turning an unusable image into a work of art that really appeals to me, and I often challenge myself to create something from nothing.

So this evening I thought I would share a before and after of one of my photos from behind the scenes.

This image was one of around 30 photos from the session. As it began to rain I switched out my expensive zoom lens for a smaller 30mm, which meant the background was nowhere near as blurred as I had originally wanted. The editing on these was quite heavy, changing the tones from green and grey to orange and yellow, blurring the background, changing the lighting and cropping.

The first photo in the shoot took around 2 hours of experimentation to get right, then I created an action from the workflow to use on each other photo. Whilst some parts, such as selecting the subjects are always finished manually, I managed to have the 30 photos completed in a day and all with a similar look.

before and after sample shoot

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