The full scene

Mini sessions are always a popular way to get a few nice shots without a huge cost or time commitment. Perfect to get a print worthy piece, or to get some images to share on social media.

This weekend we stopped on the way to the supermarket for a ten minute mini session to capture the new outfit Michelle received for Christmas. I normally use a location I know well and plan for a specific theme or poses to suit personality and location, however this one was totally impromptu.

We took around 30 photographs in one location, with ten different poses from different angles, distances and heights.

After each session I view all of the pictures at home on the big screen, choosing the best expressions, poses and compositions to edit in conjunction with the client.

I always play around a little with the first image, testing different colour tones, contrast and saturation levels to best suit the scenery, mood and outfit.

Once I’m happy with the look of the first image, I apply the same editing and adjustments to every image in the set, usually a combination of smoothing skin (as needed), removing any unflattering spots, sharpening, colour toning the skin and the general scene separately, brightening selected areas of the face and hair to highlight the features and draw the eyes to the model, darkening uninteresting background features to further draw the eyes to the model and cropping if needed.

From the 30 photos, I edit 6 – 10 images, aiming to capture personality and the full scene with a mix of full body, full scene and cropped shots.

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